slow times

Well, it seems the blogging scene has been slow the past week or so. Paul and Andrea haven’t updated since they moved to Utah (I’m waiting to hear how the trip went.) Brian and Amber haven’t updated since they started. In my past two posts, I’ve only had 1 comment each (which is not surprising to me.) But what is surprising is that Noelle has only had 1 comment in her last post (and that was from me!)

Well, anyway, I suppose some of Noelle’s next posts will have a lot of comments. At least one of them will. Stay tuned, it will be pretty cool.

Fun visit with family

I am so lucky because I have family visiting this weekend. On Friday afternoon my brother Brennan and his wife Tammy arrived from Utah, then today (Saturday) my sister Luella, her husband Tony, and their two boys Nicholas and Michael got here from Long Island. We got together at the boyscout fund raiser spaghetti dinner, then we went to Holly’s and had fondue (with Paul and Andrea, and Gary and Marlene). We had the Wii going like crazy, and we sat around and visited. Good times for one and all.

This morning I went to a consignment sale and picked up some clothes and toys for Rachel. At least she will be dressed and entertained for another few months! She is growing so fast (outgrowing her clothes), I had to do something. Now that the weather is warmer and she weighs 21 (or so) lbs., I figured it was time to get some warm weather clothes and stuff. We also got some tub toys. She loves her bath time, so now she will love it even more.

Tomorrow at church we are playing a musical number. Luella, Brennan, Nicholas and Michael are all playing the violin, and I am playing the piano, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Stay tuned for the results. We haven’t had much chance to practice together, so here is hoping that it turns out okay.