More Snowy Fun

We got quite a lot of snow. I’d say it was about a foot. That may not be so much for the mountain dwellers, but in these parts that makes for a pretty good storm. Jeff cleaned off my car, but left a pillar of snow to see just how much we got. We put Rachel next to it to give some sense of proportion.

Rachel was feeling quite creative in the snow, and made a snow baby. Here she is displaying her artwork.
Scout got into the action a little bit too. He briefly escaped the confines of the yard, and when he was running back through the deep snow we got a bit of a chuckle. We recreated the moment in the back yard by playing a little fetch with him. He really likes the snow a lot!

I wish it were Christmas again.

Finally – a good snow storm, bad timing.

So far all winter long Jeff has lamented the lack of snow. We have had ice storms, and even the one time when a decent amount of snow fell we had sleet afterwards which left a thick sheet of ice on top of the snow. It was okay, but not exactly my favorite. Well, today it is really snowing. It looks llike we will get a decent amount, too. I don’t love the timing. I am supposed to go out of town tomorrow (Saturday), and I don’t relish driving on slick roads.

Rachel has started reaching for me when I reach for her. It is so sweet. In fact, when she is on her back she reaches for me with her hands and her feet. It makes me feel very loved.

So this morning when I was feeding Rachel her breakfast I made up this little song. It is a pretty snazzy song. Don’t be surprised if you hear it on American Idol next season. Of course the lyrics are pretty specific. It only works at mealtime in the winter (specifically when there is snow outside). I think that the impressive quality of the tune compensates for the limited appeal of the lyrics, though. I officially give my permission for you to use the song, as long as it is not-for-profit.

Rachel is getting to be such a big girl. We love her so much. Here are some recent pictures: