The New World Under Obama

While listening to Rush Limbaugh today, he played quotes from our errant President Obama while he was speaking to the UN (I think). Anyway, one of the things I thought I had blogged about, but I guess I’ve only mentioned it to Noelle in conversation, is about the US-Israel relationship and my thoughts about the “last days”.

In reading about the last days in the book of Revelations, it seems to me that Israel is going to be surrounded by enemies, but there will be two prophets that guide Israel’s armies to protect the Israelites until they themselves were slaughtered and, three days later (hmm), resurrected and taken into heaven. It was always my belief that the United States would always be there for Israel to protect them.

Since Obama became president, my fear is that they would not be protected. Obama has confirmed my fear in his speech yesterday.

Baron Hill
In a very humorous video on YouTube, Baron Hill, one of Indiana’s Representatives in the Congress, he claims that the Town Hall meeting is his, which I will grant him. But he does state, “this is my Town Hall meeting for you.” That starts to get very iffy.

He then goes on to say “you’re not goin’ to tell me how to run my congressional office.” Umm, Mr. Baron Hill? I have a question for you, and for Madam Barbara Boxer and all other “Representatives”. To whom do you “Represent”? Is it yourself, your state, your monetary supporters, or the people of your state? Did you earn this position or did the people give you this position? Politicians… get your head out of the sand. The People give you the ability to govern the land. You did not earn this. You have no expectation of continued service. You must represent the people and govern the land based on what’s good for the people. And you are not exempt from the policies you make. The People are getting tired of it.

Gov. Sanford’s poor use of the Bible

In yet another show of ignorance and hypocrisy by those who would confess to be Christians and know the Bible, Gov. Sanford attempted to use the story of King David as an example of why he should remain governor of his state, though he fled his post for a tryst with a lady that is not his wife.

If you don’t know, his wife found out about the affair back in January, they talked and she was willing to work it out with her husband. Obviously, his words were just that, as his actions spoke louder.

Then he goes and says this:
What I find interesting is the story of David, and the way in which he fell mightily fell in very, very significant ways, but then picked up the pieces and built from there,” Sanford told members of his cabinet. [FoxNews]

IDIOT! Does he not remember what happened to Kind David and his kingdom?! It fell apart, devolving into anarchy, wickedness, and sin. And of David? He lost the prize and his earthly rewards. Is this what Gov. Sanford wants? King David did indeed pick up, but he lost all of his glory and did not gain it back.

I normally would not comment on this kind of thing, but I really hate it when Christians try to use the Bible and other scriptures to justify their sin. (I’m no saint either, obviously.) I think Gov. Sanford’s wife put it well for their situation, “You would think that a father who didn’t have contact with his children, if he wanted those children, he would toe the line a little bit.” (emphasis mine) [FoxNews]

Here’s a nod for Mitt Romney. You’ll see how this is relevant to the post after reading the post at the link.

Now for something to make you smile:

Why John McCain is bad for America

As promised here is my list as to why John McCain is bad for America.

1. He is your typical Washington “insider”. That is, he pulled every dirty trick, including slander, to win the Republican nomination. It is this reason why I think Romney was trying to win, to clean up Washington. If McCain found it so easy to lie and slander during the campaign, can we trust him in the White House?

2. He is a one trick pony… and a bad one at that. His only strength is the Global War on Terror©®™. And he only gets that because he was a prisoner of war. Not to disparage his service, of which I am thankful, but he came in near last in his academy and he was captured during war.

Being a prisoner of war does not make one a good Commander in Chief. He knows the hardships placed upon prisoners. He may take it easy on prisoners. This would, in turn, pose no threat to those who would threaten freedom both within and without the USA. Already, those in “Gitmo” have it better than the homeless and single parent citizens of the United States. Heck, they may even have it better than the criminals in the US prison system. But, I’m off on a tagent.

3. He does not know economics from the right side of the Republican party. And he does not know the right side of the Republican party (he’s tried to push them away and silence them for a long time). Let us just name a few of the bills he has, or has tried, to pass: McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Lieberman. This last one supports this point. He wants to raise taxes on gas by $0.50! Not only will that kill the strength of our current economy (and don’t let the media fool you, we are in a strong economy!) It is the tax and spend that we’ve been getting since Clinton took office in 1992 (along with the lies about the economy).

4. Let’s get back to McCain’s left leanings. He claims he is republican, but let us look at his recent record.

  • He asked John Kerry to have him as a running mate. The same left leaning John Kerry of the Democrat party.
  • He supported a tax increase on gas in support of the very liberal environmentalists who say we have to worry about global cooling (1970s), er global warming (1980s+), er “climate change”* (2000s). Well, duh, the climate changes. We know this. As a Christian believing nation, we should know this (anyone bother to read their Bibles recently?)
  • He voted against Bush’s tax cuts. Why? The cuts weren’t enough he said. Well, McCain, compromise!! This sounds like a lame excuse. Something a teenager would come up with for not doing something, when the truth would be more embarrassing/hurtful (such as, I support the Democrat party).
  • He wants to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens. While my wife has a soft spot for the hispanic people (and I think they have a beautiful culture that mixes well in the United States and makes us a better nation) these people are breaking the law. I have an idea. Let’s make it easier for LEGAL immigration. Wow, novel idea.

This is a small list, but there are better and more detailed lists to be found elsewhere.

4a. He claims he is the best candidate because he can bring both parties together. I agree that compromise is good… to a point. If you compromise all of your side and allow the other side to have all the advantage, you really haven’t compromised at all, you have given up. He would probably compromise the United States of America to the United Mexican States (Mexico). I say he is wishy-washy, and no better than Bill Clinton who based his politics as the “wind listeth,” or, rather, as the polls dictates.

5. John McCain seems vindictive and proud. What the United States of America needs now is a HUMBLE president. I believe that George Bush is a humble leader, but his voice, which was already small, was completely drowned by the haters.

I quote this site:

So why is everyone so quick to predict McCain may leave the GOP? It is likely a combination of two reasons: one, his dislike and/or jealousy of George Bush… (Alexander, 2002)

John McCain also showed little regard for Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. Why Huckabee’s delegates in West Virginia ever agreed to McCain’s delegates’ deal, I’ll never know. But I suspect it is religious. Oh, I’m going on a tangent again.

Anyway, McCain certainly has no respect for those who oppose him. Many feel this was George H.W. Bush’s problem with Bill Clinton, he didn’t respect Clinton and lost. If you don’t understand and respect your enemy, you will lose.

He was always telling his opponents supporters to “Shut-up and fall in line.” Well, I for one, am not going to shut up and I’ve yet to fall in line. At this point, when I turn up at the voting center in November, I will likely write in my choice or not vote for any candidate.

Hmm, why is McCain bad for America… I’ve shown that his one strength, protection against terrorism, is not that strong. I’ve shown his weakness in the economy. I’ve described his pride and his liberalism. McCain is BAD for America.

The problem is, his opponent will be even worse. Here is hoping that if Obama wins his nomination; and, forbid, wins the Presidency, he will be too inexperienced to pull of his socialist agenda. But don’t underestimate him.

Why is it that the mainstream media pulled so hard for McCain? Is it because they figured the democrat nominee would have an easier time winning? Probably. McCain, though the worst choice for right thinking people will become the Republicans Jimmy Carter. Of all my rantings above, I’d rather have him than a socialist in the White House. Still, on principal, I will likely not vote for John McCain.

*The link to has some idiotic summary for an introduction to climate change. The quote they use is this:

“To a patient scientist, the unfolding greenhouse mystery is far more exciting than the plot of the best mystery novel. But it is slow reading, with new clues sometimes not appearing for several years. Impatience increases when one realizes that it is not the fate of some fictional character, but of our planet and species, which hangs in the balance as the great carbon mystery unfolds at a seemingly glacial pace.” — D. Schindler

So, for the past 50 years of studying the climate over the past couple 1000 years (but only accurately for 100-some years), these scientists can accurately claim that the hole in the ozone is caused by humans? Idiots… the above statement even says “it is a slow reading” and “new clues … not appearing for several years.” Several years?! Try several hundred years!

While I want to take care of the planet, and I do my part to keep it clean, I refuse to have others dictate the way I should live… with one exception. And that comes only after humbling myself, repenting, asking God for forgiveness and asking Him what He wants me to do.