Darkening Clouds of Strife

I’ve had a thought about the riots in Charlotte, NC. There are several things that have hit NC hard and it’s starting to seem like the state is being targeted for trouble.

First the NFL, then the NCAA and ACC pull their tournament games from the state. Why? Because they don’t know how to read the law and misinterpret it for being discriminatory. Nevermind the other states and nations they play in that truly have discriminatory laws (such as Puerto Rico and the Bahamas).

Then a black cop on a police force with a black police chief shoots an armed black man. And all of a sudden we have rioters smashing, looting, and causing all sorts of violence claiming black lives matter and blaming whites for the problem.

We know that George Soros and others have funded BLM and the organization is flush with $100 million cash. I suspect that the rioters in NC have been brought in from out of town. Just like Ferguson, MO, just like Milwaukee, just like in Dallas and Baton Rouge and several other places.

I just wonder when it will be Louisville’s turn. Why? We’ve had a number of police shootings here that could have received national attention and caused riots. In each of these cases in Louisville, just like in Ferguson, just like in Louisiana, and even Charlotte, the police were justified in defending themselves and the public by taking the deadly force action they took.

If BLM really wanted to riot for unjustified police brutality, there have been a number of cases that they could have risen to, but they haven’t. There have been two or three cases recently where an officer shot and killed a handcuffed suspect. But the BLM aren’t protesting these situations.

If BLM really wanted to improve relations and the state of black lives, they wouldn’t be rioting and torching people’s homes and businesses that provide the necessities of the communities they serve. They would, instead, be trying to help their brothers and sisters gain skills to succeed. War is not success.

The darkening clouds of strife, anguish, revenge and hate have been darkening quite quickly over the past two or three years. I will be quite curious to see the scrolls of the world history laid bare of these years. I want to see where I was wrong in my opinions and where I was right. At this point, I have no ability to affect change at large. I can only affect change locally. And I will show love to those around me. I will show I have no animosity, no guile, no angst against anyone. Hopefully, I will receive the same respect.

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