Rachel is rolling over – and it’s not just a mistake anymore!

Well, it has happened. Rachel is finally rolling over consistently. She had done it in the past, but it was very unpredictable. Now it is for real. She starts on her belly thus –

Next she holds this position for a while –

Finally, with a little twist of the hips she is on her back –

Frankly I have mixed feelings about all this. I have greatly enjoyed her immobility, but it is also fun to see her achieve these milestones. Yesterday she rolled over from her back to her belly. My baby is growing up. Before you know it she will be graduating from high school. (The horror!) Rachel is definitely enjoying her new skill.

Here is the whole thing in real time. My narration is for the unique purpose of encouraging Rachel. I would like you to turn down your volume because I sound like an idiot!