13 Months

Today Rachel is 13 months old. To mark this important day, Rachel has taken walking to a whole new level. She took her first step two weeks before her birthday, but has not really expressed any interest in developing that talent. Yesterday, however, Rachel began walking more, of her own free will. She used to do it only when she was enticed with something, but now walking seems to be its own reward.

I also discovered last Friday that Rachel has her first baby molar (upper left). By the time I noticed, it was already pretty well erupted. Like it had been there for a couple of weeks. Hmm, seems to me that a couple of weeks ago I was getting overwhelmed with Rachel’s temper tantrums. Could there be a connection? Sorry sweetie.

I also think that Rachel is starting to shift to just one nap a day. I don’t know if I am happy or sad about that. I guess I can get used to that too.

3 Replies to “13 Months”

  1. Oh Noelle, now you know they weren’t tantrums afterall…she was hurting from her molars. Poor thing.
    Haley just came by and said”she is so cute and has such cute clothes”. ditto to what she said.

  2. I can’t BELIEVE she is walking so well…I for one, was THRILLED when my kids went to one long afternoon nap. I could go DO things in the morning, and then I had me time in the afternoon.

    I was looking at your weather–I cant believe it is warmer out here than out there. . .

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