A Call for Help

Here’s a call for help. If any of you remember the play that the Stake put on 1.5 years ago, I was put in charge of taping and producing the video. Well, I’m sure they probably wanted something simple. The problem is, I can’t do something that exercises my creativity like this and keep it simple at the same time.

While I’ve gotten pretty quick at video editing, it still takes me 1-2 hours to work on a 2.5-4 minute clip. As such, I have about 40% of the clips left to complete. Some are easy as they are 15-30 seconds long. Others are more difficult being 2.5-4 minutes long, having to splice different videos in and making sure the sound lines up properly. I don’t want a badly dubbed japanese-style video going out.

So, I need help. If you have any interest in doing some video editing and/or learning a new skill please let me know. I’ll even help you with your setup and any computer problems if needed. Thanks!

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  1. Since I’m in Utah, I think I’m too far away to help. However, I enjoy editing movies and I’m always looking for better ways of doing it. I’m interested in some of the software you think every PC should have. Which ones would help me edit movies? What about photo slideshows? Do you have good software for that? The audio editing program, does it allow editing out words? I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

    PS. I’m your niece, in case you are wondering who left this comment. Ask Noelle about me if you need more information. Thanks!

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