Clean Sweep 2007

Well, it has been a pretty exciting and busy weekend. Two of my sisters, Faline and Ladawn, and Ladawn’s daughter Chelsea came to visit me (mostly to visit Rachel), and they did a TON to help me a. organize my house and b. baby-proof my house. I would show before and after pictures, but before pictures are too embarrassing. I will show some after pictures, though.

It was really nice to visit with my family. Since we live kind of far apart it is a little rare that we can spend much time together. So it was great to see them. I will also say again how much I appreciate all of their help. (I appreciate it A LOT!) They also had the honor of being the first on my side of the family to meet Rachel.

It was fun to have Chelsea here. She appreciates Scout more than either Faline or Ladawn do. Just because he is constantly under foot and is always getting into everybody’s stuff doesn’t mean he is not extremely cute.

Faline also acted as the courier for her daughters Milaka, Shanda, Keturah and Malauna who sent Rachel some presents. They did have a stipulation in that they required a fashion show, so here it is . . .

From her lounging collection we have a delightful white number with little flowers. If you look closely you will see little ruffles on her bottom. (It’s not really her bottom, the ruffles are actually on the clothes that cover her little bottom.)

Next, from her casual collection we have a cute pair of yellow overalls. The lesson learned in putting this piece on her was that overalls are VERY hard to put on a squirmy baby, but as Chelsea said, the result was more than worth it. I mean, seriously, have you every seen anything as cute as that!

Finally, from her formal wear collection, we have a beautiful red velvet dress, perfect for celebrating Christmas as well as any other time I feel like dressing her up as a beautiful baby doll.

So as not to skip any important credit, Faline also gave me a beautiful hooded towel, complete with applique. Ladawn and Faline also went in together for a beautiful baby carrier.

Anyway, great weekend. Thanks so much to Ladawn and Faline for all their hard work. I shouldn’t skip Chelsea, she is responsible for a lot of paper shredding as well as Rachel holding and Scout occupying. So thanks to all of them. It was great.

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  1. I’m glad my mom came through in the courier dept. and gave us all the credit. Love the write-up on Rachel’s fashion show. I’ve added a link to your blog on my blog so my sisters can find you easier.

  2. Rachel looked stunning, and I need to come see your house since the BIG CLEAN or organizing, or whatever you said your sisters did–the pictures were not clear enough . . .
    The red dress is AMAZING, and I do believe that Chelsea is too (I mean, anyone who can deal with a baby and a dog and still look cute is definitely amazing!)

  3. Hi Noelle-thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog. I love your blog and the pictures and the updates of cute little rachel. She’s darling!! And you’re a natural at the mommy thing! 🙂

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