The last person to post a comment on this thread wins. “Wins what?” you may ask. I’ll keep you in suspense.

34 Replies to “Contest”

  1. Mommy tinks dat jus because dis is her blog she’s gonna win. Not if I have anyting to say about it! Ha ha, victowy is in my gwasp!

  2. k, the only problem with this is that you have to set a deadline. because you can never truly be sure who the last person to post is- somebody could come by two months, two years later and be the last person to comment. what would you do then? take away the former last commenter’s prize and give it to them?

  3. Kayla: That’s what I said. I said I would be the guaranteed winner because everyone would forget this post and I would come on much much later and win!

    Btw, I’m teh winnar!!!@!one!@#two!12!@!@@!!

  4. Can you be the winner if you post more than one comment? I could set this up to receive emails whenever a comment is posted and keep posting everytime someone else posts.

  5. Sure, now that you think you’re going to win something, now you identify yourself. Sorry, its too late. Now I’m the winner (again).

  6. Noelle, when is it over? I know I can win, I just have to have details. I just know that whatever the winner gets will be so dang good.

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