I wish people would stop saying that I “failed at-home bed rest therapy.” So what if it’s true? At first nobody said “fail,” but now everybody is throwing that phrase around about me.

Dr. Horlander came to see me this morning. She told me that I’m in good company, because she failed at-home bed rest therapy too. We decided to change the phrase to “postponed success.” Very PC, don’t you think?

Next Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. I think I’m going to have a party. Bring chips and drinks, and we’ll watch the Derby from my hospital room.

This weekend is the Rolex Three Day Event in Lexington. If you want to see it, it will be covered on Sunday May 3 on NBC from 5:00 to 6:00 Eastern Time.

With all these plans for next weekend, I sure hope Gaby doesn’t come before then!

As long as I’m planning for the future, the Kentucky Scottish Weekend is coming up May 8 and 9. I have been wanting to take Jeff there ever since we got married, but every single year something comes up making it impossible. This year is no exception.

3 Replies to “FAIL”

  1. Cheer up Little Missy! Before long you will have a beautiful healthy baby and then time will fly by! I wish I could come to the Kentucky Derby party. I’ve never been to one ya know. Love you

  2. Wish I could be there to do derby thing with you–although last years party cannot be outdone! Maybe Jeff can bring your bagpipes to the hospital for scottish weekend, and you can entertain the masses.:)

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