Gabi is 3 weeks old

Today Gabi is 3 weeks old. I promise she does not sleep 24 hours a day. (I only wish she would.) She only sleeps when I want to take a picture of her. Note the classic Bateman cowlick she is sporting.

Rachel is the best breakfast eater. This morning we had eggs and toast. I put grape jelly on Rachel’s toast this morning, and I think she approved.

We went to a park to play. Rachel had a great time. Gabi stayed snuggled in my baby carrier. (Thanks Faline and Ladawn. The ERGObaby carrier is getting another opportunity to serve.) The swings are my favorite because it requires that I merely stand and push Rachel. She liked them too, but she also enjoyed climbing on the jungle gym. I don’t quite trust Rachel to use excellent judgment, so I followed her around. That was harder work for me. But she enjoyed the morning there.

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  1. I'm glad you like the swings. I actually used to find parks withOUT swings, because I would just get tired of pushing kids in swings–that was probably when I had 4 kids under 5. . . Rachel doesn't look very happy in the swing shot. . .but VERY happy EATING!!

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