Happy 2nd Birthday to Rachel!

Today Rachel turns 2 years old. Happy birthday sweetie!

People often ask me how Rachel is with Gabi. The answer, super sweet. Here is a picture of the girls together watching Baby Signing Time.

Don’t forget that Rachel’s two-year-old doctor’s appointment is next Monday. Check back here for her vital statistics.

4 Replies to “Happy 2nd Birthday to Rachel!”

  1. Happy Birthday Rachel! You look so BIG next to Gabi! I also think your mom must be an amazing cook–her cupcakes look almost exactly like the Hostess variety. That takes some serious skill! 🙂

  2. Well thank you. I don't like to brag, but . . .

    We're having Rachel's real birthday party on Saturday, and I'm making the cake. You'll have to check it out when I post the picture, then you can really see my skilz.

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