I can’t keep up with her! (part 2)

Rachel is all over everything. She is fast, she is mobile, I think she might have some super powers. So in my attempt to get her to hold still, I made a purchase. When Dad and Harriet came to visit in May, they bought for Rachel an inflatable pool. Rachel has enjoyed it a lot, but I decided to expand its use. I bought 100 little balls and put them in the pool (without water) and put Rachel in with them. She loves it. I have bought myself about 10 minutes of time. I love it. I can put them in with the water too, but that requires more supervision.

Scout loves them too, but unfortunately he has a propensity to bite the balls and puncture them. I guess when he has ruined enough of them I can buy some more. I am in a catch-22. If I leave toys out for Scout to chew on, Rachel chews on them too. When I don’t leave toys out for Scout to chew on, he chews on Rachel’s toys. It’s totally worth it, though. Scout and Rachel love each other.

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  1. I haven’t read your blog in a while. I needed to catch up! Rachel is still as cute as a bug. I love her “talking” in the the pool of balls. She is growing beautifully. Thanks for sharing her with us!


  2. Scout is such a good dog. Rache just lays all over him, steals his bed…wow, you are lucky.
    You are brilliant with the ball thing. Fix her chicken nuggets and you’ll have something!

  3. We have a standard poodle and she is great with the boys. There is something special about a relationship between a child and their dog. These are great pictures.

  4. the dog is how I lost my pool and ball pit. . . (Steve will tell you I always blame the dog for everything, but it was a bit obvious in this case. . . )

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