2012 Christmas Testimony

Jesus is born

Two weeks ago, I was asked to share my thoughts about what Christmas means to me. My target audience is fellow Republicans. But I will direct my thoughts to everybody, for my testimony of my Savior is the same. I believe in Christ. He is my Redeemer. He is my King. I celebrate Christmas to celebrate His birth, life, death, and resurrection. If not for His exemplary life, which I try to follow, His suffering for my sins, His death and resurrection, I would have no hope. And so I celebrate!

For many Republicans and some Democrats, this year has been a bad year in politics. And, in politics, we don’t have any hope for improvement. And if our President’s words this week are any indication, there will be no change for the better over the next few years. But we do have hope in Him, Jesus Christ our Savior.

“He is risen” -Jesus to Mary

As we put our faith in God, we can accomplish many things. As we trust in His word, we can overcome all. Not that the journey will be easy, but the burden will be lighter. Not that we won’t have troubles, but we will be supported when doing right. So go out, do good, follow Jesus’ example. Help the sick, the needy, the widowed and widower, the fatherless or motherless. Don’t look down upon the needy and think in your hearts, “They probably voted for more free stuff, let them get their handouts from the government.” I know I have and I know I have need of repentance.

Jesus helping the sick

I will commit myself, I already have, to helping those in need. We can only win the hearts and minds of the people through example, as Christ did, and show them that there is a better way. The sad, the lonely, the downtrodden have two choices, trust in government or trust in God. I would trust God. God sends His servants to help. We, His believers, are His servants and this is my testimony of Him and why I celebrate Christmas.

Jesus healing Jairus’ daughter

Gosnell’s Pink Glop

I thought I would put this here.  It’s a recipe that my mom’s family has had for a very long time. And it’s really good.  When my dad first saw it, he said, “That looks like pink glop.” And so it got a name other than “pineapple fruit salad.” 

So how does one make this?  Here’s the recipe.

Gosnell’s Pink Glop
1.      Can of crushed pineapple (20 oz or more)
2.    Small-curd low-fat cottage cheese
3.    Cool Whip (or other whipped topping)
4.   Jello packet (any flavor, strawberry, cherry, etc. This bowl has strawberry.)
Drain can of crushed pineapple and put the crushed pineapple into bowl.  (Drink pineapple juice. It’s fun!)
Add package of jello into bowl.
Add cottage cheese as desired (you may not need the entire cup of cottage cheese, but I used most of it.)
Add Cool Whip as desired. (I scooped in about 3 large spoonfuls.)
Thoroughly mix.  Add more cottage cheese and Cool Whip until it reaches the desired consistency.
Total time: 5 – 10 minutes

Report Card

Last Friday Rachel brought home her first kindergarten report card.

O = Outstanding
S = Satisfactory
NI = Needs Improvement
U = Unsatisfactory
N/A = Not Applicable

Reading – S
Writing – S
Science – S
Mathematics – S
Social Studies – S

Areas of Strength: Rachel is adjusting well to kindergarten. She is enthusiastic about learning new things and is always willing to help others.

Areas for Growth: Continue to support her learning at home by practicing beginning sounds, writing and counting up to 20, and reviewing sight words that have been introduced in class. Encourage her to make better choices about where she sits on the carpet which is where she has difficulty staying focused.


I am finding that Rachel in kindergarten is a learning experience for me too. I kind of wish I would have spent a few semesters in college studying early elementary education myself.

On a related side note, Rachel is now reading Dick and Jane level 1 books. She needs some help, and has yet to finish one book in one sitting, but she does a lot of the reading of those books on her own. I’m very proud of her!

Rachel’s 5th Birthday

Yesterday Rachel turned 5 years old. It was a very busy day! First she went to someone else’s birthday party, then she had her own family birthday party. I made her a princess cake. She got lots of awesome presents, including a fishing pole, Mario cart, a new pink coat, rain boots, sneakers, Sunday shoes, art supplies, and various other items.

My masterpiece princess cake
Rachel appreciated it
Rachel gushed over each and every present she got. Everything was “this is what I always wanted!”
Gabi was exhausted at the end of the day with so many festivities

 Perhaps the best present of all wasn’t even hers. Her Grandma got a puppy last night. It is a cute little tri-colored 7 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I think she will love seeing this puppy grow up, and I’m glad we can enjoy it at Grandma’s house, and not ours. At least not for now.

Grandma’s tri-colored 7 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Rachel loves it

Mitt Romney

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Mitt Romney for president. A few months ago I had the remarkable opportunity to attend a fund-raising event for Romney that was held at the home of John Schnatter, the founder and owner of Papa John’s Pizza. I hadn’t posted about it here yet because we only finally got our official picture in the mail a week ago.

The Official Picture
I took this picture with my phone. I think it is a great picture.
Signing my copy of No Apology
the inscription

There is a lot more of the story to tell, but I don’t have time right now.

I’ve seen this message floating around. I saw Noelle had typed it out and was about to post it as just text. I asked if she’d give me time to do a little stylization to it. I added some stick figure art and ~voila! Here it is.


We embarked on a new adventure last Friday. We went camping. Jeff and I both enjoy camping, but that was the first time we had done it since the girls were born. The campsite was not far away, so we figured worse case scenario we could leave if it didn’t go well. Plus, it was just one night, so it wouldn’t be too much.

We cooked hot dogs over the campfire, we hiked around a little, we unexpectedly came across the tamest deer I have ever seen in the “wild.” Rachel kept moving closer and closer with no regard for the potential danger. I kept calling to her to be careful and not get too close, but the deer did not react at all. Finally we all took pictures around it.


I was pleasantly surprised at how well the girls slept. The both went to sleep later than normal (to be expected), and Rachel woke up much earlier than expected, but Gabi slept well into the morning. We got up and had breakfast, took down our tent and packed the car, then enjoyed a little more nature. Gabi and I made our way to a frog pond. I was trying to show Gabi a turtle, and as I got closer and closer, almost touching it, I slipped and fell and landed in the frog pond. Fortunately the only person to see me was Gabi, and she is still young enough to be concerned at my distress, not amused by it. The battery in my phone was completely worn down by this time, so we couldn’t even capture the results on film. Sorry for  your loss. But trust me, I was soaked. And muddy. To make it even better I lost my shoe when I fell in, so I had to go back in again to retrieve it.

Fortunately it was time to go home anyway.

All in all, it was a good trip, and a learning experience, so hopefully we will go camping again soon.

Working in the Garden

For Christmas, Rachel and Gabi got kits to work outside in the garden, including a bag, work gloves, a little trowel and a rake. Since we are enjoying unseasonably warm weather right now, the girls wanted to do some work in the flower garden.

After a while they moved their work project over to the driveway, and did some remarkable landscaping with the gravel.