2012 Christmas Testimony

Jesus is born

Two weeks ago, I was asked to share my thoughts about what Christmas means to me. My target audience is fellow Republicans. But I will direct my thoughts to everybody, for my testimony of my Savior is the same. I believe in Christ. He is my Redeemer. He is my King. I celebrate Christmas to celebrate His birth, life, death, and resurrection. If not for His exemplary life, which I try to follow, His suffering for my sins, His death and resurrection, I would have no hope. And so I celebrate!

For many Republicans and some Democrats, this year has been a bad year in politics. And, in politics, we don’t have any hope for improvement. And if our President’s words this week are any indication, there will be no change for the better over the next few years. But we do have hope in Him, Jesus Christ our Savior.

“He is risen” -Jesus to Mary

As we put our faith in God, we can accomplish many things. As we trust in His word, we can overcome all. Not that the journey will be easy, but the burden will be lighter. Not that we won’t have troubles, but we will be supported when doing right. So go out, do good, follow Jesus’ example. Help the sick, the needy, the widowed and widower, the fatherless or motherless. Don’t look down upon the needy and think in your hearts, “They probably voted for more free stuff, let them get their handouts from the government.” I know I have and I know I have need of repentance.

Jesus helping the sick

I will commit myself, I already have, to helping those in need. We can only win the hearts and minds of the people through example, as Christ did, and show them that there is a better way. The sad, the lonely, the downtrodden have two choices, trust in government or trust in God. I would trust God. God sends His servants to help. We, His believers, are His servants and this is my testimony of Him and why I celebrate Christmas.

Jesus healing Jairus’ daughter

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