Ponderings of the State of the Nation and the Plan of God

For my politically active and religious friends.  I was pondering the state of the country today and what an absolute mess it is in. I was also feeling a loss of being able to read what the majority of Americans are thinking. I don’t trust the polls since they only take a sampling of a few thousand people at most… and who knows if those people who (1) answer the phone, (2) stay on long enough to answer questions, and (3) answer truthfully. During the election cycle I had a pretty decent read on the state of affairs – but then that was shattered on election day. Our “Dear Leader”, Divider in Chief, won by cheating. While he may not have been directly involved, his supporters were.

Well, as I said, I was pondering my inability to get a good feel on the state of the People. Are they a majority that still uphold laws or are the majority happy in their free-loader state of being, railing against those evil people who have jobs and make money.  Are the majority fighting for a race war, wealth war, war on women, etc, etc, or are the majority fighting to end those “wars.” (Hint, I’m on the side of ending them. I have no ill will towards other races, towards those who have more than I do, or towards women – though many on the opposite spectrum would accuse me of being so.)  I just could not figure it out.

Then the Spirit confirmed to me that all was well and I need not worry about those things. God is in control and He has His spokesman on earth. We must look to His prophet for guidance and do what is right. We must warn our friends and let them know that God has a living prophet… and that is an absolutely wonderful message.

This doesn’t mean I have to silence my voice, but it does mean I can let the load off. In fact, my voice needs to be as loud as ever. I am grateful for this knowledge and invite all who don’t know to research and ask God yourself for the answers.

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