Quite a week

This has been quite a week of development for Gabi. She is doing several new things these days. For one thing, she has started clapping. I don’t know why little kids like clapping so much, but they sure do. Rachel does too. Second of all, she has modified her crawling technique. No longer does she use the “inchworm” style. Instead she has become a conformist, and crawls in the normal way. I guess I’m glad she crawls the normal way now, but I kind of miss the worm. Another thing is Gabi is pulling herself to her feet often. She has done it before, but very infrequently. Apparently she’s ready to do it for real. Finally, today, the worst of all, I had put Gabi on the floor in the main room, and put up the baby gate in front of the stairs, then I went upstairs to talk to Jeff about something. I could hear Gabi being a bit fussy (she really likes me around), and when I went back downstairs, I saw that Gabi had crawled up one step. I remember when Rachel did that for the first time. It’s not cool. I’m not ready for Gabi to be that mobile.

Rachel and Gabi went to their cousin Rose’s first birthday party last Thursday. Gabi had a great time playing with Rose’s new toys.
Rachel is becoming mommy’s little helper. You can add mopping the floor to Rachel’s favorite ways to help around the house. (She also likes helping with the laundry and doing the dishes.)
As Gabi gets bigger, it is fun watching the girls play together. Here they are enjoying some box play time.

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