The Weekend

Yesterday I had the chance to go to a fireside where Gladys Knight performed with her choir Saints Unified Voices, and shared her testimony of the gospel. It was a great evening. Jeff was an usher, so he saw both performances. I went to the early one. I really liked her arrangement of I Am a Child of God. I also enjoyed the song called Over My Head. I don’t own any of the CDs of Gladys Knight and the SUV choir, but I plan to change that situation in the not too far distant future. I wonder how many people around here are big Gladys Knight fans, and had no idea she was here. Anyway, I could have listened to them all night.

We are currently taking care of a dog for a friend who is out of town this weekend. He spent a week with us at Christmas too, so he fit in right away. Rachel, who loves dogs, really likes him a lot, and Scout, who is also a dog, likes him too (a little too much in my opinion). Gabi likes him, but she doesn’t seem to be as into dogs as Rachel is.

Today we went to the graduation party of Jeff’s cousin Matt. It doubled as a going away party as he has a job in Indiana, so he and his wife and daughter are moving away. They had a very nice little spread for their party, including cake. Gabi decided to have a practice run at the whole cake thing in preparation for her 1st birthday party which is next Saturday. I think she did a pretty good job on the cake, for a first try.

I have to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. Since I have a camera in my cell phone, and it is always so handy, I tend to use it for pictures more frequently, and the quality is just not as good as pictures taken with a regular camera. I suppose I will have to focus on the benefit of quantity over quality in this case. Anyway, the subject matter is so awesome that I can live with the reduced quality.

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  1. I would have LOVED to go to that concert. You know, once a long, long time ago, I gave you a copy of one of her albums, called One Voice, to listen to. It was when you were conducting a stake choir of some sort. I think you must have put it in a stack of stuff. It was back before you were aware of how awesome I was, and probably didnt yet trust my musical judgement. 🙂

    SOOO glad you got to go hear her–and I HOPE they did good publicity so that alot of locals got to hear her as well!

  2. I'd say there had to be close to 35-40% non-member at the concert. I know my brother and his wife brought 3 or 4 friends and co-workers.

  3. Oh my goodness… how did I miss this post of my little Roe-bug!?

    Thanks so much for taking great care of him when we go away! You guys are a million times better than any doggie day care – and we think Rachel is such a doll and are happy that she loves him too. 🙂

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