Unexpected Complication

So last night I was feeling kind of bad, kind of crampy. I figured I would sleep it off, but this morning I was still not feeling very good. I almost ignored it. After all, I’m just a big baby. I thought they would tell me to suck it up and stop being a big baby, but it turns out it was a good thing that I called my doctor because they measured my cervix and it was a little shorter than it should be. That, accompanied with my cramping, they told me that I was going to be admitted immediately into the hospital, that I was going through some preterm labor. So I am here for 23 hours of observation.

So here I am. I had another ultrasound, and a consultation with a high-risk doctor, and my OB also came in to check on me. Long story short, they put me on strict bed rest for at least four weeks. So that’s the story. Please remember me and baby Gaby in your prayers.

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  1. We will be sure to keep you and Gaby in our prayers. We will also put your names on the temple prayer roll. We love you keep us updated.

    Oh and Paul is a little jealous, he’s been trying to get put on strict bed rest for years.

  2. Noelle! Thinking about you tons! I, personally, have the opposite problem – I’m usually 41 weeks and they have to FORCE my baby out – I always say I have a super comfy womb. But I know this can be really scary…I’m here to help if you need anything! Love you!

  3. Sorry to hear about your complications. Interestingly enough, though, sometimes these “episodes” are Heavenly Father’s way of giving us moms some “personal time”. Take advantage of it. Let other people take care of you for a change, and only worry about yourself and that baby. Rachel will be fine, too!

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