Water Dish

Gabi is getting around quite a bit these days. In fact, today she made her way to Scout’s (that’s the dog) water dish. What is it about water dishes that attracts little babies?

Rachel was enjoying her lunch, but expressed concern when she saw Gabi splashing in the water. She said “mess,” then she got down from her chair, and came over to Gabi and said “Gabi mess.” She sure knew what she was talking about.

We are starting to enjoy some success with Rachel’s move to the big girl bed. She is doing a better job of staying in bed, and falling asleep in bed, so that’s definitely good. For a while there I was starting to have some doubts, but I feel better about it now.

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  1. Hi Noelle & Jeff! I found your blog from…. I'm really not sure, someones in Kentucky!! You fam is so cute- good to see you guys are doing well!

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