A quick post before I hit the sack. Today Rachel was legally made our daughter. While I am very excited to get the earthly legal portion out of the way, I am more interested in making the union eternal. That comes in just 17 short days! YAY! Really, today just seemed like another day in the progression of my baby girl. I am very happy with my family and Rachel is just darling. (I’m not a fan of that word, by the way, but it’s true.) Check out what Noelle has to say about it.

So, that is how I feel. I am waiting for the 17th of May for the temple sealing of Rachel to Noelle and me. Then she will be a part of our family eternally. Then on the 18th, we can have her baby blessing. There are going to be a lot of people in that circle, I think. But that will be very cool. I think I will be fasting that day.

Anyway, on to something jovial. I found a series of videos on youtube called Ultra Kawaii. I have no idea why it is called that, but it generally consists of animals doing “cute” things. It does have a 30 second commercial in some vids, but that’s only slightly annoying as you can fast forward through them. Enjoy!

Oh, don’t forget to ask me a question or two. (See post below.)

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  1. Congrats Jeff. I already congratulated Noelle on her blog. And now for a question:

    How do you put a working link in the comment box?

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