It is final!

It is final! Today Jeff, Rachel and I all went to court to finalize Rachel’s adoption. It has been a long and emotional road since we first interviewed with LDS Family Services back in September of 2006. I can’t thank enough the people who made this day possible. I will be eternally grateful to Rachel’s birth mother for her loving and selfless act which has made our family more complete. I am also grateful to her family for their support and compassion.

I didn’t really know what to expect at the hearing. We arrived at the courtroom this morning at 9:00. When we went in, we were immediately asked to leave and wait in the hallway because a prisoner was being brought in in handcuffs. (Sorry, no picture.) So we stayed in the hallway for a while. I overheard a lady say, referring to Rachel’s babbling and playing, she was glad that something was making her laugh before her business in the court. I’m sure her reason for being there was not as happy as ours was.
Finally we were called into the courtroom. We sat at the table with our attorney/brother/brother-in-law/uncle. Grandpa sat behind us in the courtroom. The judge asked us to identify ourselves, then Paul asked Jeff some questions for the record, then the guardian ad litem asked me some questions, basically verifying that my answers were the same as Jeff’s. The judge then asked a few follow-up questions, all the papers were signed, and we are now a legal family.
Rachel hasn’t said anything about it, but she seems happy. I know that Jeff and I are very happy too.
Here we all are after the hearing was over. First with the judge holding Rachel, then with me holding her.

Here is Rachel waiting patiently (more or less) in line to hand in the paperwork to the clerk.

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  1. Noelle, I know how you must feel right now. You never know what love truly is until you have that sweet little baby in your arms. I am so happy for you and Jeff. I loved watching you with her. that love comes instant and little Rachel brought it to you. Congrats and I’m glad that she’s all yours!

  2. What a wonderful day! Congratulations! Someday I know Rachel will appreciate just how loved she is and by so many people!

  3. Little Rachel–she really knows how to win over a judge, jumping into her arms and all–I am glad that now, and forever, she is officially yours!!!!
    (and that I can look forward to many more moments of Rachel cuddles until I move away to Boise and have to fly you out for more. . . )

  4. I’m so happy for you guys! She’s YOURS (officially)! We have several friends who are still waiting (after 3 yrs.) to be placed with a baby through LDS services. You are blessed indeed.

  5. That was one of the best days of my life. The next will be when you take her to get sealed. I’m so happy for you all. She’s all yours!!!!

    Your pictures brought back so many great memories for me. I thank you for sharing.

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