A New Crib

And I mean crib as in a baby’s bed, not a house. Yesterday I got a crib from a friend of mine. I spent the afternoon putting it together. First I had to call the company and request assembly instructions. They e-mailed me a PDF file that was so tiny and hard to read, but luckily I happened to have my decoder ring and I was able to assemble it (with a little trial and error thrown in). It didn’t have a mattress, so last night after Jeff got home from works (that is his regular job and his other job), we went to Target and bought a new mattress. This morning I put it all together, and as I am typing this, Rachel is taking her first nap in her very own crib.

This whole situation is sad for Scout, because last night he used the bassinet as a bunk bed again. I think he is going to miss sharing Rachel’s bassinet with her. On the other hand, maybe Scout is capable of creating a bunk bed atmosphere with any sleeping accommodation for Rachel.

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