Rachel’s Baby Shower

On Tuesday October 23, Rachel had her first shower. She usually takes baths, but she seems to get more presents at showers (ha ha ha ha ha ha). Janice Alvey, my real estate agent, insisted on giving me a baby shower. Since she doesn’t really know many of my friends, and it was likely to be a pretty big group, I got some people to help her out. (It turned out that she was sick that day and couldn’t make it anyway, but she still was pretty helpful.) We had a very nice turnout, and even though several people were unable to come, they still gave gifts. (What very nice people!)

So here are some pictures from that event:

Jeff has needed a little consolation after U of L’s less than stellar football season so he turned to Rachel’s Cardinals pacifier. He is feeling better now.

We had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who was there, who helped out with it, who sent gifts, and generally for everyone’s love and support. We are very grateful.

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  1. hey Jeff–you think that binky would work on the nursery kids when they all start screaming at the same time–you, know, just plug them all up really fast? Just a thought!

  2. Noelle – I am so glad to see your blog! What a COOL way to stay in touch! Rachel is adorable! (I think it looks like Scout is a little jealous). I sang with Sweet Adelines when we lived in Hyde Park! It was so much fun! Lots of glitter and blue eye shadow.

  3. It is good to get to know Rachel. Looking forward to meeting her in person. It appears that she has a very good start in life. Including a build-in black curly protector! Love, Dad and Harriet

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