A Nice Day

We had an awesome day today. Nothing particularly interesting happened, but there was just a general sense of happiness and pleasantness that we enjoyed. No tantrums, no fussing, just sweetness and happiness. Gabi took a nice long nap in the morning, Rachel took a nice long nap in the afternoon, Gabi took a short nap in the afternoon. I even caught a few Zs myself. All too often I think about the difficult times, but in fairness to all, I have to say that I have two wonderful little girls. And a wonderful husband.

Yesterday both girls looked so cute in their corderoy jumpers, and pink shirts, I just had to get a picture. Unfortunately Rachel was not happy about wearing socks, so she has kind of teary eyes, but I thought I would post a few of the pictures I took. My favorite is the one where they are looking at each other.

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