Several months ago, when Gabi was only about 2 months old, I had taken the girls to the library for Story Time. It was raining that day, so afterward I thought we could go to McDonald’s for lunch, and Rachel could play on the playground there. It was a bad idea. I spent the whole time worrying about Rachel inside that playground. I couldn’t see her because the playground is made up of plastic tubes that you can’t see through. There were the occasional windows, but that wasn’t nearly enough for me. Rachel climbed in and disappeared, and I worried, and worried. Finally I asked a mother to watch Gabi for me and I ventured into the tubes and found Rachel, got her out, and we went home. Two things, 1st of all, Rachel was fine, but I was worried, 2nd of all, those playgrounds are not built for adults to fit in comfortably. I left thinking I would never go back.

Turns out never only lasted about 4 months. Yesterday morning we dropped the girls off at Jeff’s mom’s house and Jeff and I went to the temple. We went to pick up the girls, and ended up staying the rest of the day at their house. Trish and her 3 kids were there too. That evening Jeff’s mom was going to take Trish’s kids to McDonald’s and to a movie (Planet 51). We decided not to go to the movie because I’m not sure Rachel will sit through a 2 hour movie, and make the purchase of a ticket worthwhile. We did go with them to McDonald’s, though. This time Jeff was with me, so I was much more at ease to have Rachel play on the playground. She had a GREAT time. After everyone else left to go to the movie we stayed and Rachel played. She ran around, climbed, and was extremely happy. So were Jeff and I, because she wore her little self right out, and went to bed like a dream last night.

So maybe it was because Rachel is a few months older, and she can handle herself better now, or maybe she was fine all along the first time, but I didn’t really give her a chance, but anyway, I think we might find ourselves back at McDonald’s again after all.

Rachel with Ronald McDonald

Gabi with Ronald McDonald

I tried to get a picture of them both, but it didn’t work out as well.

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  1. I love that story. It's really easy to worry about things because we are then moms. We just want everyone to stay safe and happy. Even when they are 19 years old!
    Your girls ard so cute!

  2. I remember my first experience with the boys at the McDonalds playground and it wasn't pretty. They climbed in but were too scared to climb or slide down so I had to go in a fish them out. And the ball pit was a little rough for them too. Older kids were always chucking the balls hard.

    You should see Planet 51. I think Rachel would love it anyway.

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