The New World Under Obama

While listening to Rush Limbaugh today, he played quotes from our errant President Obama while he was speaking to the UN (I think). Anyway, one of the things I thought I had blogged about, but I guess I’ve only mentioned it to Noelle in conversation, is about the US-Israel relationship and my thoughts about the “last days”.

In reading about the last days in the book of Revelations, it seems to me that Israel is going to be surrounded by enemies, but there will be two prophets that guide Israel’s armies to protect the Israelites until they themselves were slaughtered and, three days later (hmm), resurrected and taken into heaven. It was always my belief that the United States would always be there for Israel to protect them.

Since Obama became president, my fear is that they would not be protected. Obama has confirmed my fear in his speech yesterday.

Baron Hill
In a very humorous video on YouTube, Baron Hill, one of Indiana’s Representatives in the Congress, he claims that the Town Hall meeting is his, which I will grant him. But he does state, “this is my Town Hall meeting for you.” That starts to get very iffy.

He then goes on to say “you’re not goin’ to tell me how to run my congressional office.” Umm, Mr. Baron Hill? I have a question for you, and for Madam Barbara Boxer and all other “Representatives”. To whom do you “Represent”? Is it yourself, your state, your monetary supporters, or the people of your state? Did you earn this position or did the people give you this position? Politicians… get your head out of the sand. The People give you the ability to govern the land. You did not earn this. You have no expectation of continued service. You must represent the people and govern the land based on what’s good for the people. And you are not exempt from the policies you make. The People are getting tired of it.