Tonight we went to a Scouting dinner and cake auction. Our Scout leaders do a really good job with this. The food is donated by a local Italian restaurant (a good one, too) and they don’t just auction cakes. In the line up for items to be auctioned was a repelling lesson, car washes by the scouts and service time by the scouts. The cakes and other items go from $10 to $150!

Well, I decided I would make a cake. I wanted to make a kitty litter cake, but I could not find a cheap, basic kitty litter box. So I made a normal cake…

Halo Cake

Props to you if you recognize the symbol. (If you need a clue, hover your mouse over the image, a little text box should pop up.) My target audience immediately recognized it and were duly impressed, so I was pleased. I was hoping it’d go for more, but $15 was what it went for.

Last year, we failed to jump in early and get anything… not a big deal. But this time we got a black forest chocolate cake for $15! We got lucky 🙂