Pain on the Cain Train

For those who are keeping up on politics and have heard about the sexual harassment accusations laid at Cain’s feet, I hope to clarify a few things here.

1. In my opinion, these claims are frivolous. I’m hoping the situation is that these were gold digger ladies or highly sensitive ladies who, like many others in the 90’s, threw the SH accusation whenever the wind blew wrong (doing a major disservice to people who were actually sexually harrassed).

2. Companies will pay out on these claims because the cost to litigate is more than the payoff. If you have no virtue, you can sue a company or government for all sorts of discriminations, and if the payout is less than litigation, they just might pay it.

3. Cain handled answering the claims VERY badly.

3a. He had 10 days to come up with a decent complete answer before the information was published.

3b. When the info was released Cain had 4 different answers on day 1. With 10 days prep time, he should have had 1 very good answer, or better yet, released the info ahead of Politico.

3c. On Day 2, he played the race card and blamed Perry for the leak (not Romney). This, unfortunately, makes Cain look petty. I doubt Perry was the source of the leak.

4. Perry deflected stating it was probably Romney who leaked. “I could see him doing that.” (Real slick, Rick, you sleaze.) For the record, I don’t think Perry or his campaign are the leak either.

5. Romney and his campaign have no knowledge of any of this besides what is in the media currently. Despite petty commentators at sites like Red State who actually accussed the leak of being in Romney’s SuperPAC (the guy is in Perry’s SuperPAC) and Limbaugh who made the allusion that it was Romney, it was not Romney who made the leak. Romney is a classy guy and proves this over and over (including his answer to Cain’s trouble on ABC yesterday).

6. I was really hoping Cain would get a VP consideration. The handling of this situation and other situations proves he is not ready for either the POTUS or the VP nod. This makes me sad. his campaign staff are the minor leagues in a major league campaign.

The media and so-called conservative commentators are doing the GOP no favors through these accusations, their lying about people’s records (especially Romney’s), and their blaming anyone without proof.