My Project

So a week or so ago I began a project writing a book of songs for babies. I have now finished the first draft. I have written a total of 15 songs (14 of which are unique – two of the songs are nearly identical – one for baby girls and one for baby boys).

The next step is pictures. My plan is this, to put pictures of babies doing the things described in the song. I will leave a space blank on the page for the person who owns the book to put in a picture of their own baby doing whatever the song describes. For example, there is a bath-time song. I want three or four pictures of different babies in the bath, and there will be one space for the owner’s baby.

So basically I am asking for my friends and family who would like their baby’s picture in the book to let me know. I would like for this book to have pictures of babies less than 1 year old. I need the following:

baby in the morning
baby with mommy
baby with daddy
baby with grandma
baby with grandpa
baby with aunts, uncles and cousins
baby with doggy
baby playing with toys
baby at church
baby taking a nap
baby as princess (girl)
baby as prince (boy)
baby getting a diaper change
baby in the bath
baby getting ready for bed

If your baby is now older than one but you want their picture in the book, it is fine for pictures to be older. For that matter if you want your own picture in the book, I’ll take it so long as you were less than one when the picture was taken.