By popular demand . . .

Due to the overwhelming demand for the publication of one of the finest pieces of literature found in the English language, here is the poem that my Mom wrote when I was seven years old.

The LAST Noelle
by Georgie Gay Bateman

I am sure that you have heard
Of “The First Noel.”
Well . . . . . . . . . . . . . !
Tell me, do you know
“The Last Noelle?”
She’s a seven-year-old wonder
With sparkling dark eyes.
She’s a raven-haired angel –
(Strictly in disguise).
She’s a pig-tailed cowpike
Ridin’ “shotgun” on a stage.
She’s a world famous ‘cellist
On a concert stage.
She’s a chicken chasin’ fox,
A rabbit chasin’ hound;
A dramatic Sarah Bernhardt,
And a three-ring clown.
She’s a contemplative Buddha;
She’s an effervescent joy.
She’s a sweet beribboned lady,
She’s a wild tomboy.
What will she be tomorrow?
I can never tell.
One thing I know for sure, though!
She’s the LAST Noelle!

Now, for your amusement, here are some of the pictures that represent how I inspired my Mom to write this poem.

I am the little baby.
I love this picture because my shoe is unbuckled. I think that’s funny.

This was my 10th birthday

You would probably not guess, but this is an example of the “tomboy.” I’m the one with the dog. I used to really love that shirt. I’m the one with the ‘cello. I’m the one with the look of unhappiness on my face.