mmmmmm Waffles

We went to Holly’s place last night with Marlene and Gary and made green waffles (in honor of St. Patrick’s Day). I have a really nice waffle maker. It makes waffles taste better – really.

Gary was in charge of making strawberry syrup.
Marlene was in charge of buttering the waffles and keeping the endless supply of kids occupied with waffles.
Holly was in charge of eating the waffles.
Oh yeah, she also made whipped cream – that’s REAL whipped cream. Cool whip just isn’t going to cut it for us connoisseurs. She also supplied the genuine maple syrup. That’s the stuff from the trees, not the stuff from Wal Mart.

We learned a game that I can’t remember the name of, but even though I never really had any strategy, and everybody was making fun of me, even in my ignorance I won twice. (I also came in dead last once.)

Rachel’s job was to be cute as a button, at which she succeeded, as always. This photo is not from last night, but come on, how cute is that? With the bookshelf behind her, I might just use this photo for her application to go to law school. She is very well read.

The entire event was an unqualified success.