What’s this? A blog post? And on my birthday, no less.

Well, anyway, my bro-in-law mentioned a deal he gets with his Discover card that doubles the warranty on anything he purchases with that card. I hope it works out for him. But this also got me thinking to those little perks we get in unexpected places.

1. Did you know that most surge protector power strips have a warranty on equipment attached to it. If a device you have attached to a power strip breaks due to a power surge (even from a lightening storm) you can file a warranty claim with the power strip’s manufacturer. I had a friend who’s laptop died in this way. He was able to get a few hundred dollars from it. They’ll warrant up to $10,000 in many cases, but it’s a deprecated value (i.e. if your device is X years old, they’ll depreciate the value of the item and pay you that amount.)

2. Many credit cards have automobile related perks. One of which just might be insurance for a car rental. I.e. don’t get the rental company’s insurance plan, just utilize what is already on your credit card. (Check your card’s details, YMMV).

3. Again with your credit card. You may have an amount of life insurance to your name with the card. Not really a benefit when you kick the bucket, but something of which your family may take advantage.

I know this is a small list, feel free to leave a comment on others that you are aware. Sometimes these “deals” aren’t worth the hassle. (i.e. replacement watch if your $15 timepiece ever dies… but you have to ship the old one back and pay $24.95 for the shipping and handling of the replacement. … Yah, I’ve seen that.)