Jeff just blogged about contractions. He meant something different. He’s talking about combining two words using an apostrophe. I’m blogging about contractions too, but I mean the kind that make a person have a baby.

I am monitored three times a day for about 45 minutes to an hour each time. During that time they listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and they watch my contractions, or preferably lack thereof. Well yesterday during the morning and the night monitoring I was contracting enough that they came in with a shot of terbutaline. If you have never had the pleasure, let me assure you it is a slightly painful shot. It’s not nearly as bad as the progesterone, but still, it burns. I checked the internet to see if there was a full moon, but there wasn’t. In fact there was a new moon last night. That’s like the opposite.

But I wasn’t alone. Turns out many of my fellow inmates suffered the same fate. The nurses were scurrying around trying to keep babies on the inside where they belong.

Dr. Horlander came in to see me again, and she reported that she had quite a busy night last night too. Babies everywhere.

Funny story. After Dr. Horlander left I got up to use the bathroom. (A perfectly acceptable thing to do.) As I was going back to bed she stuck her head in, and thought she had caught me red-handed violating my rules. I told her that I promised I had just gone to the bathroom. But I swear, I never felt so guilty for answering nature’s call! Okay, it wasn’t that funny of a story, but I tried to find something different to talk about for a change.

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  1. I found this interesting article about births and full moons.

    I couldn’t find any articles about the bad weather (low barometric pressure) and the amount of births. Strange, because, to me, that’s as persistent a tale as the full moon and births correlation.

    In any case, I did find a couple of articles stating that there were more births in 2007 in the US than at any other time in US history. I guess Rachel is in good company.

  2. Haha, I thought that it’s funny you and Jeff did a post on contractions, even though they are TOTALLY different things.
    I loooove you!

  3. it’s the rain. the day i had jake the moon was full and storms were coming in. the doctor and nurses told me they see a lot of babies born when storms come in… something to do with barometric pressure change. =)

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