5 Replies to “Pixar vs. Dreamworks”

  1. Haha, Jeff. I didn’t know if this was a rant about dreamworks current obsession with smiling animals, or how Pixar is too creative! Haha, well, which do you like better?

  2. I like Pixar better than Dreamworks, despite my dislike for Disney and Steve Jobs (Apple). It’s not really a rant against Dreamworks, and I do like Shrek and Over the hedge. But most of their other movies were very silly, had no point or a wandering point (Bee Movie), and have not been up to the same artistic (not just illustration) quality that Pixar has been able to put out consistently.

  3. Jeff–

    I totally knew about the lightbulbs a LONG time ago, but I didnt have the hard evidence to show Steve until now. And in my world, that makes ALL the difference. 🙂

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