Firefox 3 and my favorite extension

Okay, it’s official, I like the new extension Tab Mix Plus. Not only does it take the place of two of my favorite extensions, Tab Mix Plus does it better than the previous two. Get Firefox 3 and then go find Tab Mix Plus! (If the official FF3 version is not yet released, the beta is linked to from the extension’s page on Mozilla.) See the side bar for links.

How is it better? First the little tab button on the side (the one that opens a new tab) looks prettier. When you load a new page, the tab shows the loading progress of the page being loaded. Now both of these are probably FF3 enhancements, they just aren’t visible without tweaking. Tab Mix Plus makes the tweaking easier to not necessary (they’ve done the tweak for you). Finally, (for this post only), there are a large amount of options you can tweak for Tab Mix Plus in the Options menu.

Become a power user, use FF3 and grab the extensions I’ve listed on the sidebar.

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