First Day of School

Today was Rachel’s first day of school this school year. She is in the 4-year-old preschool class. She was very excited to go, and this morning went very smoothly. This year is different because instead of walking her into the school myself (and helping her use the potty and wash her hands) we drop her off in a carpool lane. I learned that if I leave my house with the perfect amount of time for the ride, I will get caught behind a school bus in my neighborhood, and I will end up in the back of the long carpool line. (Okay, it wasn’t that long.) Tomorrow we’ll leave a little earlier.

Rachel was a little unsure when we got to the school, but pretty soon she was off.

When it came time to pick her up I got there early (a little too early) and ended up in the “early carpool” line, so I had to go back to another carpool line. So Rachel learned some stuff today, and so did I.

Rachel said that she really like it a lot. Apparently they learned about gingerbread men. That’s what she kept on talking about, and sure enough, there was a gingerbread man that she had colored, in her backpack.

Rachel excited for her first day of school

Gabi didn’t want to be left out of the fun

Gabi’s first day of preschool (1 day a week) starts tomorrow, but we’ve got a picture from today anyway.
On the way home from school we stopped at the vet to pick up Scout (the dog). We saw this horse pasture on the way home. Rachel said “Look! I see horses and ponies and unicorns!”

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  1. When did Gabi get so old? She is so big! Congrats on learning as much on the first day as Rachel. While we're on the subject of Gabi, when did Rachel get so big? You have a beautiful family! Jeff is lucky to be surrounded by such gorgeous women.

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