Henry’s Ark

I’ve been wanting to take the girls to Henry’s Ark all summer long, but it has been pretty hot so the pool was usually a better choice, but it is finally cooling down some, so we decided to go there this week.

We made our first attempt on Monday, but as we arrived we realized (with the help of a sign) that it is closed on Monday, so instead we went to the play ground at Norton Common.

We made our next attempt on Tuesday, and this time we had success.

As we were walking toward the animals a lady asked me if we had brought carrots. Uh, no. I didn’t even think about that. So she handed me a bag full of baby carrots. Rachel is absolutely fearless when it comes to animals. She was petting and feeding everything. Gabi, while not exactly scared, was a little more nervous. She was fine around the goats, but the emu had her a little intimidated.

We used all of the carrots, and another family offered us some of their carrots. They had the big kind of carrot, and they had quite a few of them, but they were ready to go home, so they gave us some of theirs. I don’t know who appreciated the kindness of our fellow zoo-goers more, my girls or the animals.

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