Gaby is doing her job.

I went to see Gaby this morning. I changed her poopie diaper for the first time. Actually while I was there this morning she pooped twice. That’s awesome! (Remember she is pooping out bilirubin. That’s a good thing.) I tried to feed her (with a bottle), but she just wasn’t into it. She is supposed to eat 40 cc (which is a little over an ounce), and she barely touched it. They had to put her nose tube back in, and feed her through that.

I came back home, and Rachel and I had fun playing outside on her water slide, and her water/sand box. Turns out Rachel and Gaby wore matching outfits.

Here is Rachel with her favorite gesture these days. It looks like she is saying “I don’t know” but she does it all the time.

Gaby’s future is so bright, she’s gotta wear shades.

I went back to the hospital again tonight. They gave me Gaby’s informal hospital birth certificate with her little footprints. I think she has my feet.

Gaby had another poopie diaper when I went there tonight. I changed that one too. It was pretty big, considering her size. She is taking her bilirubin expulsion responsibilities very seriously. May I also say she has the skinniest little bottom. (She doesn’t get that from me.)

I fed Gaby again tonight (again with a bottle), and she ate really well. I think this morning she was just pretty tired. I’m am going to try nursing tomorrow (with the attendence of a lactation consultant). We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Go Gaby Go! I remember Capri didn’t want to eat–only because she would rather sleep in my arms, so I had to hold her body as far away from me as I could while I fed her–I have a picture of me in the NICU doing that. Pretty funny! I love Rachel’s “I don’t know” look–it reminds me of my older girls when I ask “who did this?”

  2. I’m so glad you are getting to see Gaby so much and also getting time at home with Rachel before baby comes home. I hope Gaby continues to make those poopie diapers for you 🙂

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