Gabi’s progress

I went to the hospital this morning so I could feed her at her 11:00 a.m. feeding. When I got there I found out that she is really doing great eating. So much so that she is taking in a lot more at a time, therefore she only needs to eat every 4 hours instead of 3 like before. That meant that she didn’t have an 11:00 feeding. Instead it was at 1:00. While it was a little inconvenient to have my plans thrown off by two hours, it is great news. They are now starting to wean her off her isolette (the enclosed crib they use to control her temperature). They are going to start working on helping her maintain her own temperature instead. That is a great step forward on her progress towards coming home. Now that she is eating so well on her own they were able to finally remove her nose feeding tube. Pictures of her should be a lot better now.

I am supposed to nurse her now twice a day. They don’t want more than that because they want to make sure she is getting a certain amount of calories per day, so they need to bottle to be able to measure it for sure. But I did nurse her today, and she did really well. (So did I, but I don’t like to brag.)

Her jaundice is getting better, but slowly. Her bilirubin count went down from 14.3 to 14.2. Hey, progress is progress. (Inch by inch it’s a cinch.) It needs to get down to the 10 range for Gabi’s size.

I went back to the hospital again tonight to feed her. She was dressed in clothes. They are in the process of weaning her off the isolette, meaning that they are helping her less and less with maintaining her temperature. So she was wearing warm pajamas. I nursed her again tonight, and she did great. I think we might be over the hump.

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  1. That’s so great to hear she is progressing so well (and that you are too). What a sweet little face. She’s got nice long fingernails too, I noticed in the first picture. It just looks like a fabulous manicure!

  2. Noelle, she’s absolutely beautiful! I can hardly wait to see her in person. Give her a hug and kiss from Kaleigh and I. Much love, Pam

  3. She looks so much better without the nose rings, I mean tubes! I’m thrilled that she is eating well, and even more thrilled that the nursing thing is going smoothly so far. Go Noelle! Go Gabi! —Holly

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