My philosophy is that when young people want to rebel a little and do crazy stuff with their look, the best bet is to focus on hair styles. Tattoos are permanent, and an eagle when you’re 18 looks like a pterodactyl when you’re 60. Weird piercings are, well, they’re weird. But hair? Hair grows back. Hair is a safe medium with which to experiment.

Rachel has taken my philosophy to heart. Tonight Jeff and I were fixing dinner. When we were done we called Rachel and Gabi to the table. Rachel came from upstairs, and proudly announced that she cut her hair all by herself. I am happy to say that I did not lose my temper. I did not get angry. I did tell her that I wasn’t too happy, and that she shouldn’t do it ever again. Anyway, Rachel is currently sporting a bald spot on the side of her head.

3 Replies to “Hair”

  1. She really was proud of herself, too! I just hate having to reprimand her when she is having fun, even when it is harmless fun (but she really needs to listen and obey us and go to bed…)

  2. Miss Rachel may one day be the hairstylist to the stars. . . and you may look at each other and smile and think to yourself–this all started with a bald spot. . .
    (Any chance you can have her cut the dogs hair instead of hers. . . )

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