A lesson on the power of prayer

On Tuesday I was planning to go grocery shopping in the afternoon. I got the girls ready. (Their outfits of choice were as follows: Rachel was wearing her Cinderella dress, complete with glass (or rather plastic) slippers. Gabi was wearing a unicorn costume.) But then I couldn’t find my keys. I looked in all of the regular places, and couldn’t find them. So I decided to gather the girls around and say a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help me find my keys. After our quick prayer I decided to check the car to see if I left them in there. So we all went outside to look. I checked the ignition, the passenger seat, between the seats – no keys. Gabi, whose ‘assigned’ seat is the right side of the back seat, went to her door as always. As I was getting out of the car, trying to think where to look next, Gabi came strolling around the back of the car, dressed in her all-white unicorn costume, with her very dark complexion, looking like a little magical unicorn/angel holding my keys in her hand. I guess I must have dropped them on the ground as I was getting Gabi out of her seat earlier in the morning.

So then I gathered the girls around me again, and this time we offered a prayer of thanks that we were able to find my keys, and that my girls were so helpful in the process.

I really wish I had a picture of the view of Gabi in her costume holding my keys. It was too precious.

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