Halloween at our house

Today is Halloween, but since Rachel has already been trick or treating three times, we figured we would not go again tonight.

The day started differently. Lately Rachel has not been sleeping through the night as well as she used to. She woke up crying twice after I went to bed. The first time I left her in her crib, but stayed with her rubbing her back, and she fell asleep again. The second time I was too tired, so I just brought her into bed with us. Where she slept, and slept, and slept.

I had to get up at my regular time to get Jeff off to work and everything, but Rachel slept. Finally it was after 9:30, so I just woke her up. We had breakfast, and then we were off on our mystery project (more on that later – much later).

We got home again at around 3:00, and we had lunch. (I know it was late, but our schedule was off.) Jeff got home early from work. His benevolent dictator boss (his words, not mine), has a soft spot for kids, so they got to leave early to prepare for trick or treating. We played cornhole for a while, and Jeff crushed me 21 – 4. (I had 4.) Meanwhile Rachel played in the dirt.

We went inside, and I prepared our special Halloween dinner. I got this recipe from a friend. It is cute and easy. Jeff gave me credit for being creative, but let’s be honest, I can only take credit for the ingenuity to actually make it. May I introduce the yummy mummy dog.

After dinner I gave Rachel a bath. I don’t know who has more fun during Rachel’s baths, her or me. An interesting bath side note, not today but Wednesday during her last bath, Rachel did something she has never done before. First, Rachel really likes the water, and really likes her bath time. She likes to put her face in the water, but she is very careful to keep her mouth and nose out. She usually puts her chin or her ear in the water. On Wednesday, though, she actually put her mouth in the water and blew bubbles. She has only done it the one time, but I thought that was pretty cool.

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  1. Ok, I am REALLY not a fan of hot dogs, but thou almost persuadest me to try the yummy mummy dogs out. At least, they look cute, even if I wouldnt enjoy eating them . . .

  2. Those yummy mummy dogs are so-o-o-o cute. I love Rhodes dough. They make life so much easier. I will have to try out that recipe. I have another recipe for them in my Rhodes cookbook, but it’s a little different. They’re called Hallowieners and look like snakes wrapped around the dogs. Yummy!

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