Well, my brother has finally started is journey west with his family (and a few others). For reasons only he (or He) knows, they’ve packed up their house and hauled off to Logan, UT. I’ll be jealous of him this winter when he’s out there skiing and snowmobiling. But I am sad to see him go. I really hope they are able to sell their house quickly. They certainly picked the right time to drive a large, heavy, gas-guzzling truck across the country.

The did spend quite a bit of time here, but it really would have been fun to see Jonas and Rachel grow up together. Well, here’s hoping Brian and Amber don’t do the same thing. But Brian keeps threatening to run off to Texas. (Ooh… must resist political rant about businesses booming in TX and how the liberals just don’t see why that is.) … Whew, urge resisted (mostly).

Well, I love it here in KY and I’m glad that Noelle loves it here, too. (Politics and poor education aside.) Though, I think it would be fun to cart off to some exotic, gulf location for a year and hang out… but reality sets in, and I’ve got to think of the best place to raise my kids. And that, for my family, is in KY. For now, my opportunities for work are still excellent in Louisville (as long as Oba… must resist politics).

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