Hang IN there Gaby!

In. Got it? IN.

Dr. Case came in to see me this morning. My nurse put a bug in her ear that I was hoping for wheelchair privileges again. Sorry. No such luck. But it’s not for me. Rachel likes going for rides. Yeah . . . no. Maybe in a week or two. She also said she wants my company until I hit 36 weeks. But Dr. Alumbaugh said I only needed to stay to 34 weeks. Yeah, but Dr. Case wants 36. So my stay could last a little longer than I planned. But even so, Dr. Case doesn’t necessarily believe I’ll make it to 36 weeks anyway. But she does think that if I go home the baby will come pretty quick.

So I’m really hoping for time to FLY. So far these past couple of days have dragged a little.

3 Replies to “Hang IN there Gaby!”

  1. Wow Noelle!!I just read what has been happening the last few days! Bummer to be back in the hospital, but good that baby Gaby can stay in longer! How much does she weigh now? We’ll pray for you and hopefully the time will pass quickly and you will have a sweet little baby in your arms to take home. I love you.

  2. Isn’t it great when doctors argue over you? Seriously, though, you definitely need to stay where baby Gaby has the best chance to incubate as long as possible.
    How are your crafting skills coming along now that you’ve had so much time on your hands?

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