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This morning my doctor came it to see me. It was the same doctor who I saw yesterday in the office. I had two follow-up questions for her:

1. I asked a little bit more about the condition of my cervix.
2. How confident did she feel that if I stayed in the hospital, that I would make it for three more weeks.

She told me that I was 3-4 cm dilated, which I already knew because she told me that yesterday. The new information that I didn’t know was that I was (am) 70% effaced.

She said that she was quite confident that if I had gone home I would for sure have the baby within the next three weeks, which she didn’t want, but that if I stayed in the hospital they would be able to intervene quickly to stop labor, and I would likely last for three weeks.

34 weeks is still early, but she feels much better about a 34 week baby than she does a 31 week baby. I can’t really argue with that.

Jeff reported to me that Rachel was pretty ticked off that I wasn’t home this morning. She was headed down to see me, and when she saw that I wasn’t there she flipped. I also heard from Jeff that Rachel wasn’t quite as happy today as normally is. She came to see me this evening, so hopefully she knows I’m still around, and she will be a little more cheerful over the next 3 weeks (or so).

I have some pictures of Rachel from this past Sunday. As soon as I get the card reader from home I’ll try to get them posted. She was really funny on Sunday. We had a great day.

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  1. WOW Noelle, that’s quite an update…your body doesn’t mess around does it? It wants that baby out. I’m so glad you’re getting such good care tho’ and that little Gaby is staying inside for now. I’m over 35 weeks now, totally uncomfortable and wishing my body wasn’t quite so stubborn…I’d like to see something happen a little bit early, but given my track record, I’m in for 5 more weeks and a humongous baby. Thinking of you.

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