Hurricane Ike

So, I imagine most people have given up looking at my blog. That’s okay, so have I apparently. I never have been very good on this communication and friend business.

Anyway, I have some cool pictures to show. This is what I saw on my way to (and from) work on Monday, the day after Hurricane Ike decided to blow through Louisville, KY. Unfortunately, all I had was my cell phone camera. And as you’ll see, the sun causes a lot of glare.

But first, here is a nicely fallen tree on an old house in Crestwood, KY. The poor workers at the Dairy Queen next door didn’t know what to do with all the power out. (All of Crestwood was without power.)

Ok, now here’s a tree at a house just a little way around the road from our house. They’re fortunate that they had no car there.

But this person’s car was not so lucky.

Here’s another person who’s car is trapped in the garage. This tree is large and full, and like the first, was uprooted. The second picture is from later in the day after much of the tree was been cut. At this point, it is completely gone.

Here’s a tree that demolished a fence. This one is rather tough to get around. I’ve thought about hoping it, but the trunk is about 12 to 18 inches off the ground, and I’m not that skilled on the bike.

Here’s another tree that broke through a fence, but is about 6.3 to 6.8 feet off the ground. I can duck under it while riding my bike, but all the branches still come up and bite me and the bike.

This tree was blocking Westport Road. I had to be careful here because there is no biking lane and I had to dodge the branches anyway. It is blocking a person’s driveway.

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