Last Day of School

Yesterday was Rachel’s last day of pre-school. To celebrate they invited all of the kids and their families for a picnic. Jeff couldn’t go because of work, but Gabi and I went.
After eating lunch all the kids played on the playground for a while. We took some pictures, and a little after 12:00 we all went home. And thus ends school. Until fall.

We even got an informal and spontaneous class picture.

Rachel really loved school. When I told her that there was no more school she got a really concerned look on her face and said “why?” I explained that school will start again around her birthday. That made her very happy.

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  1. She looks so WISE and grown-up. May she won't even NEED school next year. 🙂

    Come September, I bet both you and her will be very happy for the start of a new year!!

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