The Week In Review

Last Monday Gabi had her 2 year old check-up. It went very well, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Gabi didn’t need any shots. In fact she has 2 years before she needs to get any more shots. Unfortunately, that means that Rachel’s next appointment (4 year old check-up) is going to have shots. I’ve heard that it’s not going to be good.

Anyway, Gabi’s stats are as follows:
weight: 27.4 lbs. (50 – 75%)
height : 33.75 inches (25%) She’s a shorty.
head: 19 inches (50 – 75%)

Monday night we had Gabi’s family birthday party. It was a simple affair. The only picture I took was of her and Jeff’s dad who was reading her a story. I thought it was sweet, but the picture quality isn’t perfect.
We’ve finally started to see some improvement in the weather. At least we’ve seen the sun more frequently. We’re still getting rain, but it has come over the past couple of days as afternoon thunderstorms. My mental health is grateful for the improvement in the weather.

We’ve had these costumes for a couple of years now, and Rachel has often enjoyed putting one or the other on. Now, though, Gabi is almost big enough to fit in them, so it’s fun when they dress up together. Unfortunately Rachel is almost too big now, and she can barely fit in them. I don’t know where I’ll come up with another cute costume for her to wear next.

Laundry day, and I was folding clothes. The girls were excited to help, if you want to call it that. Rachel put on one of her daddy’s shirts, and Gabi put on his pajama pants.
Next they both climbed into a pair of my pajama shorts. They are so funny!
I finally remembered to take the better camera to Rachel’s swimming lesson yesterday.

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