Look at my sitting up baby . . .

My, what an interesting toy . . .

Woo hoo! Look at me!
I can sit up by myself
Except when I lose my balance. Then I fall down.

9 Replies to “Look at my sitting up baby . . .”

  1. Rachel can not be sitting up yet!!! She’s growing up way too fast. (You’ll have to tell me the story sometime of how this little angel came to you. Your blog doesn’t start that early in Rachel’s history.)

    I don’t know much about Hna. Brannigan. I tried to touch base with her years ago on a mission website but she never responded. I saw her once after the mission at my apartment complex. She was married (and I think had a baby) at the time, but I can’t remember. she was my trainer in Balcarce, too. You got there right after me, I think. Do you keep in touch with anybody else from the mission? I have lost track of everyone but you.

  2. Rachel–

    you never cease to amaze me! That toy is one of my favorites–I love pushing all of those beads across the wires–life is much more fun sitting up!

  3. Good j0b young lady. My how very cute you are. the world is so much better sitting up and pretty soon you can scoot along and get into many wonderful things, like the pots and pans….hehehe

    Take care, Dawn

  4. I hope this comment leaving thing works! This is really cute Noelle! I love your photography skills and the beautifulness of my neice! Next time you need someone to type for Rachel, Gracie can do it, she’s writing just like a kid!!! I bet that was hard to do!
    Thanks for reminding me you updated! It’s always fun to enter your world!

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